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Fall Festival 2002!

We had a tremendous turn out on our Fall Festival this past Thursday. The parking lot was full and the carnival area was also jammed packed with adults and children playing games and eating some good food! Considering all the New Life members who didn?t receive the meal tickets but ate the food anyway, I think there were well over 700 people who were there to enjoy the evening! Peter Lee, our Ministry Team leader, and all the committee members together with every New Life member/attendee who came out have done a marvelous job of putting the event together making it a great success. We have invested, served and sacrificed very generously for our ...

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Some Healthy Trends in New Life and Our House Churches!

A few days ago I went into the gym to take a look at the house church attendance chart on the wall in the fellowship area. Other than just a few house churches, many of the house churches are faithfully keeping the attendance for their house church meetings. When I added all the people who had shown up and participated in their house churches during the week of 9/16-22, I came up with about 205 people! This is amazing and I was very pleased by it because it shows a couple of very important and healthy trends that are taking place in New Life. First, the membership of New Life as of last Sunday is 160 and our recent Sunday attendance is about 200. ...

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