We Will Not Buy that Land

For the past several months, we as a congregation have been seeking God about the piece of property on Brittmore Rd. and Hammerly Blvd. to see if He would have us move there to reach out to more people. The land is 20.6 acres, and it is in the 100-year flood zone, which means there is a possibility that it could flood once every 100 years. The record shows that it has never flooded before. The negotiated price for the land was $1,125,000, and we were going to purchase the land together with our Korean congregation paying 50/50. We also decided to do the engineering study on the land before we finalized everything.

The study came out on Friday, 1/24, and this is the conclusion that we have received from the engineering firm hired by the Korean congregation:

“The development depicted on the site plan you provided is too large and cannot be constructed on this site. We recommend that you develop a plan that will set aside 8.5 acres in the back of the site for the construction of detention, compensating excavation and storm water treatment.”

The average elevation of the site is about two and one-half feet below base flood elevation. This means we would have to excavate the dirt from 8.5 acres within the property so we could use it to elevate the building site and also utilize the excavated place as a water detention area.

The deacons from the Korean congregation had a discussion two weeks ago with the study result, and they have decided not to buy the land. Our current property is about 6.5 acres, and the vacant lot next to our church is about 3.5 acres. They concluded that it is not wise for us to purchase the property that would only give us 2 more acres, assuming we buy the land next to ours someday.

I gave my word to Pastor Chai, our senior pastor, and to all the deacons in the Korean congregation that New Life would follow whatever decision they came up with on this matter. Therefore, we will keep our word and not buy the land just as they have decided.

One thing that came up in our February Leadership Team meeting as I shared this news with our team leaders is that it would have been better if we could have been involved in the Long Range Planning Committee and the decision making process a little bit more. I could not have agreed with them more, and I have already communicated to Pastor Chai that New Life would like to have two more representatives in the committee besides me.

The purchasing of this land was totally my idea. I truly believed that God had prompted me to relocate to a place where it would be more strategic in reaching out to a greater number of people in Houston for His glory. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out the way I expected, and there is some sadness in my heart.

I want to thank you, New Life, for trusting me on this matter by supporting me, standing with me and showing me your strong and clear desire to do whatever it takes to fulfill God’s will for our congregation. And even though we cannot and will not buy the land, I am sure that God is deeply pleased with our decision because we upheld our unity with the Korean congregation.

“How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!?For there the LORD bestows his blessing, even life forevermore.”

(Psalm 133)

Thank you, New Life, for your confidence in me!

Your pastor,


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