Monday Morning Men’s Prayer Meeting

We had our first Monday Morning Men’s Prayer Meeting this past Monday at 6AM in the Trailer House. Amazingly, there were twenty men who came to pray before they went to work. Some came from not too far away places but there were guys who came all the way from Missouri City, Sugar Land and Pearland. I just cannot express in words how I felt about the first prayer meeting. It was like fresh wind after a long drought, like fresh breath of the Spirit of God. Truly awesome!

About three and a half years ago I saw a vision during our Sunday morning intercessory prayer meeting. (Yes, it was one of those certain and rare clear visions!) It was before we had the current format where married men, single men, married women and single women come together for one month respectively to intercede and pray for various needs. There were about four or five people that morning who came to pray in the Trailer House Conference Room. While we were praying I saw a big canvas-looking sheet attached to the four corners of the ceiling of New Life worship area. There was some space between the ceiling and the canvas. Each time a prayer was offered to God, a drop of water would come down from the ceiling to the middle of the canvas. Pretty soon there was so much water gathering in the middle of the canvas that it could no longer hold the water. Eventually the canvas broke in the middle and the water was gushing out like a big waterfall! After the prayer meeting, I shared with those who were present about what I saw in the vision and told them that this is what God is going to do in our midst if we humble ourselves and continually come before God in prayer.

These days I see the “canvas” getting heavier and heavier with all the prayers that we are offering up to God. And when it is full and can no longer hold it, God will bring about some amazing revival and renewal in New Life that we have never experienced before.

Therefore, I want to encourage and challenge all of you, New Lifers, that we take prayer very seriously in 2003. Do your best to make it to the House of Prayer, which takes place on the first Wednesday of each month at 7PM in the Trailer House. You will experience powerful praise, hear inspiring message, participate in heartfelt Lord’s Supper and offer up passionate prayer to God.

Also, don’t forget to wholeheartedly participate in Sunday morning intercessory prayer at 9:45AM in the Upper Room when it is your group’s turn to do so. I find this prayer meeting extremely joyful and fulfilling as I get together with other married men to lift up our nation, church, families and the world to our Heavenly Father.

And all the men of New Life, let’s fully devote ourselves to God by coming together early on Monday mornings to pray and intercede for others. This may seem at first like a huge sacrifice to you because you will need to cut down your evening activities and sleeping hours to get up early, but eventually you will realize that you are not sacrificing anything because you are gaining so much more that has eternal significance. Then we will, together with Jim Elliot, be able to say,

“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”

I am praying earnestly and pressing forward tirelessly because I want to see God’s waterfall pouring down on us in New Life in my generation! Would you join me in this?

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