Sunday should be dedicated as a day of the Lord

It is crucial for Christians to spend Sunday properly. These days, everybody is busy and some claim that since every day is important, it is not necessary to differentiate Sunday. However, it is imperative to keep Sunday holy for a healthy spiritual life. Regardless of changes in society, it is still critical to remember the spirit of Sunday which is to stop our busy lives and to focus on God, remembering that this world does not depend on our power and effort, but on God’s providence and grace.

As we dedicate Sunday to be a day of rest for the upcoming week and a day to focus on God and a day to meet with God through worship, its impact for our spiritual growth has to be far-reaching. Let’s think about few ways to spend such a holy Sunday.

First of all, we need to do our best to meet God and experience Him. Of course, we can experience God in our daily lives. However, we should not miss the magnificent presence of God during Sunday worship. In fact, meeting with God is the ultimate solution to all of our problems. Therefore, we need to make an appropriate arrangement for Saturday’s schedule so that we won’t be tired on Sunday morning. After such preparation, it is essential to come to church early enough so that we will have time to calm down and wait for Him. As we build a habit of expecting and waiting for God who will be there and reveal himself, we can meet God during worship.

Next, please make an effort in your ministry work so that your service won’t be merely work, but a chance to interact with God. To do that, it is important to be ready to do your best for the ministry work and to be conscious of God who watches us. Just like a kid who plays harder because he is conscious of his dad who made an unexpected visit to the soccer field, it is easier for you to find meaning in whatever ministry work you are doing and do your best when you are conscious of God’s attention.

Finally, after worship, it is necessary to try to fill the rest of the day dedicated to God. Therefore, instead of getting back to a busy daily routine or TV (and I do not mean that you should not watch TV), it would be commendable to keep the fragrance of worship. For example, invite neighbors for supper and enjoy their company. Family members can take a walk in the park to enjoy nature, or do things you enjoy doing while having a rest. Also, it would be good to go to bed early so that you will be ready for the beginning of the new week.

I understand that some of our congregation have such a busy work schedule that having Sunday off may seem like a luxury beyond their reach. Even for such a schedule, it will be beneficial to practice relaxing in the Lord’s presence whenever you can by detaching yourself from work, and placing your focus on God and learning to enjoy the peace that comes from Him.

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