Church website is updated

As of midnight of Sep. 28, our church website will be changed to a new and updated page. We have went through lots of trial and error, but eventually the new website was completed almost solely by the talents of our church members. I am very thankful for the tireless effort of members who worked on this project especially many members of Information Control Ministry and Culture Planning Ministry.

The main difference between the new and the previous site is the seamless compatibility on smart phone and desktop. In the older version, the menu often did not appear and posting was very difficult. Now, under the new website, the compatibility is perfect regardless of the control system or browser. Therefore, it is easy to post comments using any kind of machine. In the near future, we are planning to install a function for posting a comment whenever a new item is posted in the Koinonia without requiring you to get into the church home page.

As for the content, the main change is focusing on introduce our church and its ministry work to VIPs. The old home page was mainly focused on Koinonia and was not very effective in introducing our church and its ministry. This time we spent considerable time to reinforce this area. For example, a parent whose son came to the US to study may hear that his/her son is attending a house church and may wonder what kind of organization this is. He/she can check out our church website and realize that it is a good group. Another focus was an effort to present mission work and children’s education so that they can be easily understood by VIPs.

The reason we spent so much time and energy in designing our homepage is that it is essential for building a beautiful congregation. So far, it was difficult to post photos on the church website and also many spams were posted. Now, with the new website, it is my prayer for many members to share their testimonies and have active participation in sharing. I stopped posting new shepherd’s testimonies because I could not post photos, but now I will resume posting them. Some of those stories could be several months old, but they are still great blessings to readers.

For a better sharing in Koinonia, we removed the function called “recommended”. I already gave the reason of discouraging usage of this function for Pastor’s Corner. When writers are concerned about the popularity of his/her writing, this concern could dissuade the person from sharing. Posting in Koinonia is not an essay contest. It does not have to be a great writing nor a very inspirational one. It will be sufficient to share daily blessings and insights as they happen in your life. Please do not be overly concerned about what others may think.

Posting encouraging comments to any new writings in Koinonia is greatly encouraged. Sometimes, people think too hard to come up with a good comment and end up not posting any comment. It is good enough to post simple comment like “ki ki’ or “^ ^” to express shared emotions. Even though the writer is a total stranger to you, it would be wonderful if you could post some comment as one body in Christ. It will help you to communicate better if you bump into each other later. It is my prayer to expand networking among the congregation through the new church home page and ultimately to build a more warm and friendly church.

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