Gratitude through the layman’s Seminar

On Koinonia on church website, there are many messages expressing gratitude and I want to express my gratitude which I felt through the recent seminar. I am grateful for all the participants but especially for those who came from far-away places such as Korea, Australia, and China. They traveled such distances but they did not go for a tour. They stayed for Seminar only and returned quickly to their daily duties. When I heard that, I felt sad and a bit painful. I was also touched. It is my sincere prayer that the over 200 participants including those who made such a great sacrifice of time and money found the seminar worthwhile.

I am thankful for the eager participation of mokja/moknyo(mokbu). It was beautiful to see that some hosts could not have guests and were disappointed because there were more volunteer hosts than guests. It has been 20 years since our church started hosting this seminar, so hosts could have become tired. However, it is pleasing to see many volunteer hosts gladly prepare their homes by repairing and cleaning to welcome guests.

I am grateful to see many different ways of participation. Some came to work on the church flowerbed. Also, the decorations around the church looked quite distinctive from the previous ones. It was easy to notice that much effort was poured into the selection of the menu and food preparation for better and fresher approaches. I am convinced that our guests enjoyed it very much.

It was wonderful to see there were enough volunteers in every area of the event. Many took vacation from work to serve and the kitchen was full of quiet laughter. In spite of the large number of people working in the kitchen, it was admirable that no arguing could be heard. I suppose that was due to the practice over a long time. It was good to see that there were many familiar faces as well as fresh new faces who were serving. As time passes, there were more and more volunteers from NLF. There used to be only a few NLF volunteers in the crowd, but these days, there were enough EM volunteers so that they could support the whole event by themselves.

Another great thing which came to my attention was the even distribution of age groups among volunteers. They ranged from the twenties to the eighties. I also noticed the balanced number of male and female servers. There were so many volunteers. They jokingly said that there was the same amount of water and fish meaning that there was an equal number of seminar participants and seminar servers. When I saw all this, I was very much pleased.

Thank you so much for all the church members who came out to help. Your service will shine like the sun in the heaven and it is the base on which to to build house church ministry. Thank you so much for the seminar participants. We are so happy that you enjoyed classes, were touched by testimonies and became one mind with us. It is my prayer that upon your return, where ever God places you, you will be valuable team members who will build beautiful churches.

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