If You Were to Retake Holy Life and God’s Word Bible Classes

It is not exaggerating to say that Christian life is a process of developing good habits. And with this, our spirituality depends so much on our habits we have. To go from praying and studying the Word, to becoming natural at serving others and developing gentle spirit, it depends on what type of habits we develop in ourselves. This is why with the help of Our Lord, we need to continue to fight against bad habits and develop good habits.

The reason all of our bible classes are 13 weeks long is that it is the minimum time necessary to develop good habits. After we finish each of the bible classes, someone will often testify that more than the class material, the training of ourselves to read bible daily and to search for God was the best part of the classes.

From this point of view, I think there is a bible class worth repeating; and that is the Holy Life bible class. When we review the course evaluations people turn in after completing the Holy Life bible class, often there are comments that even though the class material was great, there was too much material to cover in 13 weeks. The comments seem to indicate that to digest this material in 13 weeks was not really possible; instead there is a need to select 3-4 topics from this class and concentrate on them during the 13 weeks. I even think that if we were to select just one topic each from the material, we could develop a full 13 week course material. This indicates how each of the topics in this class is important and meaningful, and it is not easy to go through this training in 13 weeks.

So I have decided to allow members to retake this class. Especially for shepherds and those who have been believers for a long time, they can repeat this course instead of complaining that there is no more bible class to take. Indeed it may be a good thing to retake the course after a few years. If I was to retake this course now, I can participate more deeply by reflecting on each of the topics and their meaning more fully. Truly it would be much different from the first time I took this course, and there will be many new meanings as I study this course again. When the course is retaken a few times and your physical self becomes fully trained on the course material, it will be only natural to practice these topics in life without having to take the class again.

Another class I can recommend for repeating is the Holy Word bible class. We know that it is good to completely read the bible from cover to cover at least once every two years. It would be even better if you can read the whole bible once every year, but if it is not possible, you can start by reading one chapter from Old Testament and one chapter from New Testament, and lastly one of Psalms. This will allow you to finish in 2 years. If this is not possible due to your work schedule or other matters, then it may be good to take the Holy Word bible classes, which will help you read the bible at least once completely. It may also be much easier to read the bible completely when you are retaking this course.

When we train to be holy and to read bible on a regular basis, it will deepen our spiritual life. Especially for those of you who have been believers for a long time and you feel that your faith is at a standstill, I encourage you to repeat these courses and practice until it becomes a second nature to you. When we add the spirituality to serving others through House Church, we will surely be in the middle of walking the mature Christian road.

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