Some Tips for the House Church Seminar for the Pastors

It is time for the House Church Seminar for the Pastors again. This time, we host 88 pastors and missionaries from 7 countries (not counting the United States). This is a considerably smaller number compared to last year’s 130ish attendees. We don’t know the exact reason, but the fact that we have fewer pastors from Korea and fewer missionaries this year seems to suggest two possible reasons.First of all, because there are now several good house-church-based churches in Korea, Korean pastors do not need to make international trips. Additionally, Korea now hashouse church seminars specially designed for missionaries. We have fewer attendees this year, but because of that I expect this seminar to be a high-qualityseminar.

Shepherds’ services and testimonies are very important elements of the Seminar. Their services move pastors to decide to adapt house church.Accordingly, if possible, it is best for shepherds to pick up their pastors from the airport themselves, and use this ride time to give their personal testimonies. They can talk about how house church has changed them and their households and how happy and fruitful to serve as shepherds.

It is a good idea to write a welcome card and prepare a couple of necessary items. And putting new towels on their beds everyday is a simple but moving service. Whether the hosting house is good is not important. Some shepherds decide not to host any pastors saying that their houses are not good enough, but this is not so. We move othersnot because we have big houses, but when we serve them with sacrifice, giving our best room for them. The seminar is conducted on a tight schedule, from early in the morning to the late evening. Without enough sleep and rest at night, it is very easy to lose concentration and nod off. Accordingly, hosting shepherds need to pay attention to their pastors’ condition. Don’t sit up late to talk; have conversation on the way, and let them go to sleep almost directly when they come back. And on Friday house church, let them have a chance to see the basic. Don’t have too many dishes because of them; we are to have a couple of dishes as a rule. House church should follow the set guideline. Especially, do not skip prayer time for our children, and don’t omit mission/challenge time.

Most of all, pastors are deeply moved to see our house church members’ harmonious and familial relationship that is not found among cell groups or area groups. How all members look for a VIP and serve him or her together, and how all members together form a family move pastors. Let us pray and prepare that in our Wednesday meeting, Friday house church, and Saturday Chowon meeting, we may show pastors and missionaries how house church unites us as a harmonious family.

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