Inserting ‘Olive Blessing Time’ Into Mokjang agenda

Last week, Pastor Daniel Paick delivered a sermon about having a children’s time in the Mokjang agenda in order to pass on our faith to our children. He named this time as ‘Olive Blessing’ during his sermon. Some of you may be wondering what this means, so I would like to share my thoughts on this with you.

Until now, Children’s Mokjang had two parts. First part was for the children to spend time together with their parents during the adult Mokjang. This time is when everyone sings a simple hymn, following by the children sharing something they are thankful about and prayer topics. Then adults pray for the children with these prayer topics to bless them. Second part was for the children to spend a time apart from the adults. But calling these times 1st part and 2nd part of Children’s Mokjang seemed to cause some confusion. Some people thought that there had to be several children before you have the 1st part, and if the child was in Junior High, that child was too old to have this time.

To eliminate this confusion, we will stop using the expression ‘1st Part of Children’s Mokjang’. Instead we will insert into Mokjang agenda, a time with children. Until now the formal order for the Mokjang was 1) fellowship meal, 2) praise singing, 3) announcements, 4) bible study, 5) sharing time, 6) intercessory prayer, 7) evangelism and mission challenge. From now on, we will insert a time with children and we will call this time ‘Olive Blessing’. So the formal order for the Mokjnag will be 1) fellowship meal, 2) time with children (Olive Blessing), 3) praise singing, 4) announcements, 5) bible study, 6) sharing time, 7) intercessory prayer, 8) evangelism and mission challenge.

From now on, including single Mokjangs, we ask for all Mokjangs to have the time with children if there is even one child in the Mokjang. It will be same if there is a baby in the mother’s womb or if there is a teenager. It does not matter what the number is. It is a time with that child to share and to pray for him or her by the adult members.

Basic order will be to sing simple songs that even children can sing, and after the children share what they are thankful about and their prayer topics, each adult will take turns to pray for a single child. For each child to be blessed by everyone in Mokjang, we ask that each member pray for different child each week. If the child is young, you can pray while keeping the child on your knees or on your chest. If the child is older, you can hold his hand while praying for that child. After that the children can go have their separate activities.

For the parents and the children to share in the faith, they need to spend time together and to share lives and this time during Mokjang will be a great training for this. This will make it easier for the family to have a family worship time, and it may become natural for the family to have conversations with each other.

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