We’re moving in!

The building construction we began last spring is coming to a close and we are finally moving in and having our first worship service in the new facility next Sunday! It will be an important worship service for New Life because during the worship service not only will we dedicate our new building to the Lord but also celebrate New Life’s tenth anniversary as a congregation! I am very excited and thankful to God that we get to do these two events on the same day! Once again, God’s timing is amazing!

In order to help our building dedication/10th anniversary worship service become meaningful and memorable for everyone, the Leadership Team and the Project Management Team have planned a special program. And I would appreciate greatly if you could read the following and give me your full attention and cooperation.

In order to accommodate those KSC members who would like to participate in the worship service and celebrate together with us we will worship at 4PM. This means we will not worship at 11AM as usual just for next Sunday! Please remember this and spread the word around to those who are not here today!

To enable all the family members to participate in next Sunday’s worship we will not provide children’s ministry. However, all the children, no matter how young they are, are more than welcome to stay with their parents in the sanctuary during worship. The children’s ministry area will be closed next Sunday.

After worship there will be refreshments and finger foods that will include a variety of ethnic foods. Please be good hosts by looking around and making sure that our guests, including the KSC members, get served first.

To maintain and be able to use our new facility for many years to come, we will not allow any food or drinks to be taken in any area except in our fellowship hall and certain sections in our children’s ministry area. Please train your children accordingly.

To set up for next Sunday and for our future ministry we will need to move everything from the gym, the JCS classrooms and the trailer into the new building. We are going to meet at 9AM this Saturday in the fellowship hall of the new building and move everything together under the direction of each ministry team leader. Those of you with a pick up truck, please bring it. It will help immensely. The more people we have the quicker we will finish. So, I expect many of you to come and serve the church together. It will be fun!

At 9PM on Saturday night, after the final cleaning is done, I would like to have the Leadership Team, the house church shepherds, the youth shepherds and the Chair Ministry Team members to come and set up the chairs.

The staff will move their offices from the trailer all day Monday and Tuesday (8/13 & 8/14). If you could take some time off from your work either on Monday or Tuesday to help them, please contact Phil Shin at the church office this week.

During our building construction period some of us, especially the pastoral staff, have experienced Satan’s intense attacks as we have never experienced before. But God has helped us overcome all the attacks. We praise God for all that He has done in and through us so far. But the best is yet to come! Let’s prepare well this week so we could have a mighty celebration next Sunday!

Your pastor,


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