Let’s Use Our Building Well!

Last Sunday was the first regular worship that we had in our new facility. Even though there were some technical difficulties that we encountered during worship I was very thankful for and amazed at all the new things that we have and get to enjoy. I was particularly touched when I saw all of you interacting with one another in the fellowship hall after worship. It will take some time for us to become familiarized and get settled in our new building. So, lets be patient with each other and learn to use it well.

In order to help all of us use the facility well as Gods good and faithful managers, I would like to remind you of some of the most basic and commonsensical rules that we must all abide by. Please read the following and practice it as you also teach your children to do the same.

In our fellowship hall
Whenever you use tables and chairs either before or after worship, please clean up after yourself by:

– Throwing away all the trash
– Wiping off the tables of all spills and crumbs
– Pushing in the chairs.
– If you have a little child, please eat with him/her at the lower height tables for safety and cleanliness purposes. It is easier to clean the tables and the chairs than to clean the couches. Lets reserve the couch areas along with the high tables and the chairs for the adults. And please do not let your child eat with other children on their own. Eat with them until they are old enough (possibly 1st grade and up) to do it on their own. Also parents, please clean up after your child and throw away all of his/her trash.

In all the other areas
No food and drinks, including coffee, are allowed in any other areas except in our fellowship hall. This also applies to everyone who is doing ministry including the Magnification Team in The Main Sanctuary, the Life Development Team (Youth Group and JCS) in their classrooms, and the Maturity Team in The Bookstore. Please do not think that you could ignore this rule just because you are serving in a particular ministry. Do all the eating and drinking in the fellowship hall.

Throwing away drinks
Please try to throw away the liquid that is in your cup in the restroom or kitchen sinks first before discarding your cup in a trash can. This will prevent any trash bags from dripping on the floor as we carry them to the dumpster, which could potentially be dangerous for people to walk on and slip.

Borrowing keys or church facility
Every team leader has a master key and a few core members in each team have a sub-key that opens up designated doors. But they are not to lend their keys to anyone at any time. If they do it without first getting permission from the church office, they will automatically lose their key privileges. So please do not ask them to lend you their keys. If you need to use church facility for ministry purposes, then please reserve the space through the church office at least two weeks in advance. Also, if you are renting the church facility for your wedding, contact Christine Jung (832-527-6920), New Lifes wedding coordinator, for more details. The church facility will only be available for ministry purposes and can only be rented for weddings and wedding receptions.

Anything that needs to be fixed or touched up
Write to: administration@newlifehouston.com.

If you want to participate in our To Gain More building pledge
Many New Life members gave and are still giving very sacrificially to the To Gain More building pledge. This will be over in December 2008. Amazingly, New Lifes tithes and offerings have been going up also. However, due to some increase in the scope of our facility and the extra expense that went with it, it will be helpful if the new members and the regular attendees could also participate in the pledge. We will most likely be debt free by December 2008 if everyone keeps up with his pledge and some new members join us. If you want more information or would like to participate in the building pledge, please contact Christina Yi.

Your pastor,


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