More than Enough

It is almost a month since my wife, Lynette, underwent surgery and removed benign but extensive endometriosis. We both feel that her recovery process is going better than we anticipated and believe this is due to so much of your prayers that have been offered to our Heavenly Father. Thank you for all your fervent and effective prayers!

We are also overwhelmed with the incredible love and support you have shown us these past few weeks. Several of you in the medical field gave us enormous help and assurance with your expertise and facility. Many of you brought flowers and food to encourage and take care of us. Some of you came over to our place to scrub, mop and clean to make our home look prettier. And others of you took care of my kids during the day, even overnight, so Lynette could get some rest and I could get some work done. We are very grateful for all the acts of kindness you have shown our family when we were going through some difficult times.

I think some of you even came up with the idea of helping our family by encouraging others to give offering under “Saints Offering” earmarked for Pastor Eric’s family so we could use it to cover our medical expenses. Although I appreciate this immensely I wish you don’t do this anymore in the future unless I officially ask for help from New Life because I am in dire needs. I am aware that in New Life there are members who are in even more difficult situation than we are both physically and financially, and I just don’t feel it is right for me to receive this kind of help from many of you when others are struggling more just because I am the pastor. Moreover, we are still going through our “To Gain More” building pledge until the end of 2008 and many of you must be stretched financially due to the pledge. I don’t want to be a burden to those of you who are already giving very sacrificially.

Speaking of our building project, I am sensing that as we are getting closer to moving in to our new facility in the next few weeks to serve God in a greater capacity Satan is working hard to disrupt and scare us by throwing cheap shots at us. Both Lynette and I almost got into an auto accident separately in the past two weeks. This past Friday three college group house church members got into a major car accident on 59S when they were coming home from their house church meeting. And on Sunday another member of New Life got into an auto accident. In both cases, the vehicles got totaled. I would like to remind you to expect this kind of threats from Satan especially at times like these. Please cover yourselves with prayer asking God for a hedge of protection. I would appreciate much if the shepherds could spend extra time interceding on behalf of your members in the next two to three months.

This coming Tuesday my family and I will be going to CA to spend some time with Lynette’s side of the family. I will be there for one week returning to Houston the following Tuesday while the rest of my family will stay there an extra week. I believe this will be one of the last times when we will be able to gather all together before Lynette’s dad deteriorates even more. Please pray for us that we will have a meaningful time with each other.

By the way, I have arranged very special speakers to come to New Life to speak to us in my absence next Sunday. They are very dear people of mine. It will be a treat for all of you!

I cannot help but to thank and praise God because I have received more than enough from all of you!

Your pastor,


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