Please Pray for My Wife

A couple of weeks ago after coming back from her annual physical check up, my wife shared with me that Linda Kim, her ObGyn, told her there is a big cyst in one of her ovaries. I didn’t think much of it then because Lynette didn’t sound too serious about it either. But this past Sunday I was approached by Linda and was told that the cyst is rather large (15cm x 10cm x 10cm), it is complex and it could be one of three things: endometrioma, or a mass that is benign or malignant. Regardless of what it is, it needs to be removed. I felt numb as I was listening to her and thought to myself, “Oh, no! This can’t be happening to my wife!”

On Monday, I didn’t show it in front of the staff but I cried all day especially when I came home and was all by myself after my wife took the kids to piano lesson. Many thoughts went through my mind as to what would happen to me and the kids if the worst possible scenario were to take place to Lynette who has been faithfully walking right next to me the past fifteen years serving God and taking care of the kids.

Lynette and I spent all day Tuesday together seeing doctors and being informed about what they see from the ultrasound and the CT scan. Although it is possible that the cyst is cancerous we will not know until it is taken out and the pathologist’s report comes back. During the time of surgery if it is determined that it is cancerous then more will be done to her and taken out from her body.

I shared this news with just the team leaders and the shepherds initially because I didn’t want to alarm all of you unnecessarily. But now that the surgery date has been set to be on Tuesday, 5/29 at Memorial Hermann at Memorial City and it a major surgery I would like to ask you to cover Lynette much with your prayer. Please pray that the cyst will be benign and the surgery will go smoothly.

I don’t know why this is happening to me and my family especially right after my mother, who has been battling against stomach cancer in the past six months while she stayed with me, just left to go to Chicago to be with my father. Perhaps Satan is throwing his best shot at me and New Life to distract us as we are getting ready to move into our new building to do God’s kingdom work in a greater capacity. Perhaps God is teaching me to be more loving and caring towards my wife through this sickness. Perhaps God is preparing and toughening me, my family and New Life for something bigger and greater through this pain and suffering. Only time will tell. I just want to be faithful to God, my family and New Life one day at a time.

Even just this past one week, my wife and I have received so much love from many of you. It is amazing what you guys have done for us so far through your words, time, expertise and resources. Lynette and I feel immensely loved by all of you. And through all this, we are reminded once again that this is all of God’s grace. We don’t deserve it in the first place.

Thank you so much!

Your pastor,


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