To Increase Creativity

Creative people are known to have several distinctive characters.  Regardless of their areas of expertise which could be either science, art or business, creative people have superior ability to concentrate and to relax.  In other words, these people can greatly focus on the task they enjoy but when it is needed, they can totally unwind and be able to relax.  These are the people who know how to rest in the middle of their busy schedule.

Creativity is produced when people move into relaxation after high degree of concentration.  Because of that, it is difficult to expect creativity for those who do not enjoy their work or cannot immerse in their tasks.  It is also true for people who repeat the mundane routine and barely have energy to exist.  As it is commonly known, creativity stands out for someone who can enjoy his leisure as well as his work.

As I pondered on this, I examined myself.  It seems that I am dragged by the tight schedule and am involved in various activities without being fully engaged in and often just waste time without any particular concentration.  I decided to try several ways to improve the level of concentration.  I experimented with work schedule of 50 minutes of concentration and 10 to 15 minutes of resting.  Also, I am trying not to postpone sermon preparation to weekend, but to work on it 2 hours daily.

However, with high demand on daily basis, it is not easy to mechanical application of a set rule.  I try to have time to relax after work, but evening time is filled with activities such as village meeting, living life class, Wednesday night worship, visiting house church, etc.  As a result, there are not that many days when I can leave work before 10 pm.  Nevertheless, I want to share with you three methods which I employed to increase creativity and productivity.

First is to listen to God’s voice during the Morning Prayer.  During the prayer time, I divide up ministry work and ask God about it one by one.  “Lord, do you have something to tell me about this ministry?  Do you have anything that you want to do?  Is there anything that you are working on which I do not see?’  Then, I wait and listen.  Again I ask the same question in other areas.  This time could be considered as a lull in business.  Sometimes, no thoughts come, but sometimes, I get lots of great ideas.  I consider those are from God and write them down.

Second method is to stop my work, close my eyes and seek God.  I say few words to Him.  Sometimes, I pray.  This short break often clears my head considerably.

Third thing I do is power nap, which I learned from Reverend Chai.  When I am very tired, I either lie down or lean on something.  Then, I clear my mind and stay calm.  That way, I can take short nap and it can refresh me amazingly.  We all need to know how to take a break from our busy schedule.  It will enhance our lives.

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