Must be getting old

I have several routines that I do daily or weekly. One of them is that I stop by at my neighborhood’s McDonald’s drive-through and get a small coffee with two creams on Sunday mornings as I come to church. I also do this at times on Saturdays when I come to work. It costs me $1.08 including tax.

A few Saturdays ago it was my turn to preach during Early Morning Prayer at KSC. I wanted to be wide awake for this. So, I decided to get a cup of coffee on the way. I pulled up my car to the drive-through and placed an order as usual: a small coffee with two creams. But the cashier told me the price that didn’t sound familiar to me. When I drove to the cashier’s window to pay and get my coffee, she looked at me and asked me, “Senior citizen?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. But perhaps McDonald’s has changed their senior citizen discount policy and lowered the age requirement for someone to be considered as a senior citizen. So, I asked her, “When do people get considered as a senior citizen?” She said from 60 years old! (She was actually wrong. The age requirement is 55 for McDonald’s.) I told her that I am too young to be a senior citizen. But she insisted that I take the coffee for 38 cents. I was happy that I got a huge discount. But I didn’t like the fact that she assumed that I was a senior citizen just by hearing my voice! This was my third time getting a senior citizen discount on coffee from this McDonald’s. I must be getting old.

My body is no longer what it used to be like 10 years ago. My eyes are dim. My joints hurt. My shoulders are heavy. I run much slower than before. There is no more six pack abs! I find myself not wanting to lift heavy items, climb up an extension ladder to take care of house chores or even mow the lawn. I am getting old.

However, there are a few things that I appreciate and look forward to as I grow old. One is wisdom. With age often comes wisdom. I have been doing full-time ministry for a quarter century. That’s a long time. With longevity and experience often come wisdom and knowledge. I enjoy Q & A time when I visit house churches. At times, I get surprised and impressed at myself as I listen to my own self answering some of the questions that are posed to me. This wisdom can come only by age and experience. So, I enjoy getting old.

I am also getting closer to moments when I will become a father-in-law and grandfather. I have three sons. I used to not want them to date when they were in high school for very obvious reasons. But now that two of them are in their twenties, I encourage them to pray and look for God-honoring women whom they can marry and do life with as a strong team.

Lastly, as each year passes by, I am getting closer to going home to be with my Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. That will be a glorious day!

And yes, how can I forget about all the discounts that I will be getting because I am a senior citizen! It will be so much fun to get a small coffee with two creams for just 38 cents at any McDonald’s in the US!

I am getting old, but I think I don’t mind it at all.

Your pastor,


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