SBC for 2015

This is the last week of 2015 and I want to share with you the major activates of the SBC for 2015.  For 2015, there were 188 new comers who registered to the church.  The average Sunday worship attendance was 1,029 for all three services.  The number who received Jesus as savior was 131, and 130 were baptized.  This gives an average number of 2.5 per week who received Jesus and were baptized.  Once again this year was full with special stories and testimonies of their first encounter with Jesus.  I am sure we all rejoiced together with God for the salvation of these people as they prayed and labored for this end.

For Living Life Bible study, 139 graduated.  Including many new believers who had to return to Korea without finishing the course, but were influenced by the course, the total is about 200.  I commend you for your hard work understanding how much effort is needed for VIPs to take this Bible study.  Thank you!  For all the Bible studies, there were 455 who completed courses which means about half of worship attendants participated in Bible studies this year.

When I was a shepherd, I remember that house church sharing is upgraded if house church members are taking Bible study.  That is why Bible study is one of the three axles which moves a house church forward.  Repeating Bible studies are now allowed for those who completed all of the Bible study classes.  Therefore, I strongly urge those who finished all the Bible study classes to retake one course a year to practice discipleship.

Survival Kit is led by a shepherd or his spouse for their house church members. Survival Kit is for a new believer after he is saved by receiving Jesus.  It is an important class where a new believer is guided by one to one mentorship.  For 2015, 66 finished this course and 47 had a hug ceremony.  Considering the number of people who were saved this year, the number who completed this class was rather low.  For the New Year, I pray that all the new believers will participate in this Bible study class.

This year, we worked hard to share house church with other churches and church leaders.  Last March, 69 participated in the Pastor’s seminar.  The reasons for the reduction of participants of this event are twofold.  First, there are one or two seminars per month in Korea because of an increase in the number of hosting churches there.  Second, the president of House Church Ministry International (HCMI) worked mainly in Korea.  However, since the president of HCMI will extend his stay in the US, the situation is expected to be changed.

Compared to that, layman’s seminar last October was filled in 4 days and 153 people participated.  That is one of the indications that house church ministry is now well established.  The Shepherd conference in July served 79 participants and 53 couples visited SBC for training.   I believe all those participants will work hard in their role of supporting churches upon their return.

This year, 15 teams of 204 people were engaged in short term mission activities.  They dug water wells, supported orphans, and helped whatever was needed in each place and I am sure they were used mightily much more than we can see.  It is my desire that going to a mission trip will be a part of our routine just like evangelism is a part of our life.

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