My Family’s 2015

At the end of year 2015, I reflected over this year.  The most meaningful event for the year is the pastor’s seminar in a city in China and in Mozambique, Africa.  Considering the impoverished condition of those locations, it was truly amazing to have an official house church seminar where the hosting church members provided room and board to the seminar participants.

To achieve this, arrangements were made for many shepherds to experience laymen’s seminar and lots of time and resources were spent to assist in those pastor’s seminars, and the result was very pleasing.  Because this was the first year, I gave lectures with a translator during those seminars.  According to the survey after classes for House Church/Living Life/Seminar, the evaluation scores were fairly high at 96.8/99/95.8 for China and 97/95/98 for Africa.  From now on, local churches will be able to organize the seminars themselves and I believe those will be helpful in spreading house churches.

At the end of October, by speaking at the revival of Yongin HyangSang Church, the strategic cooperation was completed and I was very happy about that.  So far SBC helped many churches, but this was the first strategic help rendered.  I educated shepherds and village leaders, and 11 couples in elder positions finished training at SBC, and I lead a revival to complete it all.  Pastor SukHung Kim of the church is at SBC right now to get training, and upon his return to Korea, they will start establishing the house church system and I believe it will be well founded.

I retired from the director’s position at the Southern Baptist Texas Convention.  I held this position for 6 years.  Also, it was my honor to serve as vice president of SBTC for the 2015 fiscal year.  As the first Asian to hold the position of vice presidency, I had a chance to present testimonies and sermons which introduced the house church system.  Many American pastors were impressed and I believe there will be more participants in the English house church seminar.

I am grateful for my health which supported me to manage the busy schedule except coughing from allergies during my Korean trip.  My wife is doing well.  When we go to a restaurant, if the food is unfamiliar, she will poke it around but cannot eat, so sometimes I need to place food on her fork.  This shows her sight has deteriorated, but she is still cheerful and well.

My daughter works as a medical assistant in a pediatric hospital from the beginning of this year.  When she has about a year’s experience, she can do internship as a child specialist and she enjoys her work.  She has special passion for Cambodia where she started visiting during her college years.  She saved her vacation days to use for this mission trip so she would not join us for a summer vacation.  Now, she is in Cambodia for three weeks from the early part of December.  This is her third mission trip which is a month long per trip.  I am looking forward to see how God’s plan unfolds for her and her passion.

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