Focus of the New Year’s Eve Party

From last year, we decided to separate the New Year’s Eve Party and New Year’s Eve worship in two different days.  When those were on the same day, the program was too long and VIPs as well as SBC members got too tired since they came to church at 6 pm and stayed at church for 7 hours until 1 in the morning.  Therefore, we decided to have the party on Friday before Dec. 31 as a joint hour church activity and have the year-end worship on December 31.

However, this year, we cannot do that because the target Friday falls on Christmas day and the week before is the Children’s musical.  Therefore, this year, we decided to combine those two events as an exception.  To minimize the total length of the event, the time allowed for the party was reduced and worship will start a little earlier.

Since we are talking about the New Year’s Eve party, I want to add few more points.  So far, we prepared this party for VIPs who come to house church but not to church so that this event will be an opportunity for them to come to church.  For house churches without VIPs, this will be an event where they can attend and enjoy without VIPs.  This is off the point since this party is the biggest annual event for VIPs at SBC which requires so much time and energy to prepare.  For such an event, I do not think that it is right if house churches with VIPs are the only ones to be involved.

Therefore, we will change the concept around this party.  From now on, November and December will be a period to look for VIPs.  All SBC members will concentrate on looking for VIPs that we may have missed during the year and contact them and invite them.  In fact, there are many who we did not get to talk to even though we saw them several times.  Some rejected our house church invitation and thus we gave up on them.  For some we know that they have lived in Houston for a long time so we gave up on them thinking he or she would not come to church even without inviting them, and so on.  With this year’s New Year’s Eve Party, let’s make November and December to be a time to pray for them, contact them and invite them so that some of them who are ready can come to church.

Therefore, please share this during house church reach out time.  Please brainstorm and pray about how to find VIPs and who to invite.   When you have decided who to invite and pick up the invitation tickets, please leave the VIP’s names so that the intercessory prayer team can pray for them until the year end event.

For this purpose, from now on we will restrain from doing any activities other than events for VIPs.  Singsingya is an event for VIPs organized by single village group and there is a great chance for VIPs at this event to come to church through the New Year’s Eve Party.  The Biennial Christmas musical hosted by Jesus Crew will change its focus to invite VIPs and if that is not possible, we will consider moving the event to some other time.

It is my sincere desire that we will have many great results which will please God during the last two months of the year as we pray earnestly for VIPs.

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