Pastor Tae is Resigning

Pastor Tae has been with us for more than nine years as our Missions Pastor, so we will miss him greatly and feel a tremendous vacuum when the Pae family leaves.

There are a couple of reasons why he is resigning and moving on from New Life Fellowship. First is God’s calling. Pastor Tae came to New Life after experiencing much bitter conflict, confusion and lack of direction in local churches. At one point, he served as a lead pastor for an English speaking congregation in Virginia for a few years. He wanted to reach out to unchurched unbelievers, whom we call VIPs, to grow God’s church, but he could sense that what he was doing wasn’t working, yet he didn’t know any other way.

After going through all this, he prayed and felt that he was called to be a missions pastor. He came to New Life and enjoyed serving as one, and we are thankful for his service here. As he witnessed many VIPs coming to know Christ and becoming God’s children through our house church ministry, he began to get excited about local church ministry once again. He wants to give one more shot at doing a local church ministry as the lead pastor, God willing.

The second reason Pastor Tae is resigning is because of miscommunication that resulted in misunderstanding and disappointment, ultimately stemming from my imperfect leadership. My leadership is not the best fit for everyone. Some grow and thrive under it. Some don’t. Pastor Tae, as much as he appreciates me as a person, had a difficult time growing under my leadership recently. We are different in many ways. I thank him for his friendship and devoted service to New Life. We have come a long way through his ministry.

Pastor Tae will make his exit plans in the next several weeks. We will have him preach for four consecutive Sundays beginning 11/29. On Sunday, 12/20 after the second worship, we will have a send-off lunch in the fellowship hall during which you will get an opportunity to say words of thanks and appreciation.

Please continue to pray and show your love for the Pae family. We are partners in Christ now and forever. Furthermore, please pray that New Life will go through this transition very smoothly by God’s grace.

Your pastor,

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