Anonymous Letter in My Church Mailbox

Last week, someone left a letter in my church mail box.  Often, anonymous letter causes some heartache, so I opened it reluctantly.  Inside, there was a handwritten letter.  It went as follows.

Dear Pastor,

I am a member of xxxx church in Houston.  I was compelled to let you know of someone who is very dear to me.  She attends Houston Seoul Church and I work in her store 4 days a week.

According to her, she does not read the Bible and she seldom prays, but she fears God and she knows what it is to have reverence of God.  She is also filled with the joy of God.

She has a tight cash flow and she works from 5 in the morning, but she cares for the income of employees rather than her own.  She treats workers as if they are her own family.  She accepts them as people who were sent by God and serves them with all her heart.  She has compassion for lowly ones and weak ones and willingly shares her portion.

Dear pastor, because of her, I was able to recover my faith which I almost lost as I worked in the previous work place.

I am so grateful.

With regards,

As I read this letter, my heart was warmed with much gratitude.  Last week, in pastor’s corner, I wrote about Unkindness of Koreans.  Especially as I heard that people of faith are not much different, I was so disappointed.  I was touched by this incident because it was just like God heard me and sent this letter to encourage me.  ‘Look here.  That is not always the case.’ I heard Him say.  I also rejoiced thinking, ‘I knew it!  I knew people who met God would be different!’

Also I was very grateful for the heart of the writer of this letter.  It is easy to think about expressing gratitude when we have something to be grateful, but to put it into action requires inconvenience and sacrifice.  That is why often we stop at thinking.  However, this person wrote the letter and delivered it to me- she came far to get to the church and left it in my mail box.

She left the letter in my mail box, but her heart was to bless her boss.  “Lord, please remember the good deeds of my boss.   Please bless her so that she will be blessed in whatever she does.”  In the bible, we often see the amazing outcome of prayers who pray for their benefactors to be blessed.  I am confident that with this writer’s prayers, her boss, doer of the good deeds, would be richly blessed.

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