You Must Attend Sunday Worship

Sunday worship attendance is an essential part of Christian life. You must attend Sunday worship services regularly if you want to see your faith grow.

I have read that the percentage of marriages that end in divorce is about the same among Christians as among non-Christians. I have quoted this statistic myself on many occasions, believing it to be true. But I recently learned that there’s a twist to this. In the original study, people were categorized as “Christians” if they simply called themselves born-again. When looking at the people who not only claim to be born again but also attend Sunday worship services regularly, the divorce rate is much lower than the national average. This is just one indication of how important regular worship attendance is for Christian life.

Many members of our church became Christians after they came from Korea. I encourage these people to find and become regular members of a church as soon as they go back to Korea. Otherwise, their faith will stagnate. They must not try to find a church that is exactly like ours, because there are cultural differences between churches in Korea and America. They must accept these differences and become members of the church they feel most comfortable in.

I hope that they are able to find a house church in their area. There is a list of house churches in Korea at the House Church Ministries International website. Churches on this list are genuine house churches (many other churches have “house churches” that are simply small groups). They meet every week, offer a Lifeseries Bible study, and their house church attendance is 70% of Sunday worship attendance or greater.

It is hard for people who did not attend church before they came to Houston to find a church on their own. So I’m asking their shepherds to help find a church for them. Find a house church in their area, contact pastors or shepherds of the church, and ask them to take care of your house church members who go back to Korea. If you can’t find a house church in the area, look for a church with a good reputation and ask their leaders to take care of your returning members. If you don’t know any good churches in the area, post a question on the forums of the House Church Ministries website. Someone will recommend a good church.

People who visit their family members in Korea with the purpose of helping them receive Christ should do the same. Help your family members become part of a local church, preferably a house church, before you come back to the U.S. Ask church leaders to take care of your family members. Unless your family members or relatives become members of a local church, their faith may come to nothing after they accept Christ when you are there. Attending Sunday worship services is essential to our spiritual growth.

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