The Hatred of The World

Twenty three young Koreans from Sam-Mul (‘Spring Water’ in Korean) Church in Bundang, Korea were kidnapped by members of the Taliban, a Muslim extremist group in Afghanistan, where they were serving as volunteers. The terrorist group demanded money from the Korean government and the release of prisoners from the Afghanistan government in exchange of these young people. They threatened to execute their hostages if their demands were not met. True to their word, they shot and killed the volunteer team leader, Pastor Bai. (At the time of this writing, another hostage was also killed.)

The reaction of the Korean public has been mostly negative. Instead of offering consolation to the families of the hostages or condemning the Taliban, they criticized the hostages. Some even posted negative comments on YouTube in English, probably so that Taliban sympathizers could read them. Some urged the Taliban to kill them because they were there to convert Afghans under the pretext of humanitarian services.

It does not seem to matter at all to these people that the hostages were kidnapped by evil terrorists who do not hesitate to end lives – including their own – to achieve their political goals. It does not seem to matter that the people who were kidnapped are their own countrymen, very young and mostly female, and that they were there for the sole purpose of providing medical services to local people and offering special summer programs to the local kids. Just the fact that their trip was sponsored by a Christian organization seems to make these people hate them, to the point of wishing them dead.

I sense demonic hatred in these people. Christians haven’t done anything to deserve this level of hatred. I think it’s instigated by Satan against God’s people. The day before He was crucified on the cross, Jesus said while He was praying for His disciples: “I have given them your word and the world has hated them, for they are not of the world any more than I am of the world.” (John 17:14)

When people go to a country like Afghanistan, their primary reason for going is not to convert them. Of course they want them to come to know Christ, because there is no hope without Christ. But their primary reason for being there is to serve them and alleviate the pain that comes from their miserable lives. Volunteer workers are welcomed and appreciated by local people.

These people are deceived by an evil god who promised them Paradise when they kill innocent people by detonating homemade bombs wrapped around their own bodies. Because God weeps for them, we must go, despite the ridicule, hatred, and persecutions we face.

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