Visiting Korea

I’m leaving Houston tonight (November 9) to lead several meetings in Korea including a seminar on house churches for pastors, another seminar for lay leaders, a conference for pastors, and a series of revival meetings. My wife will be accompanying me on this trip and teaching an intensive course for married couples at the conference.

For those who’ll be praying for us while we’re away, let me share some details of the trip.

As soon as we arrive we’ll change planes and go to Yosu, a beautiful southern coastal city on Tuesday. The conference will start there that afternoon. Around 80 pastors have registered for the conference. During the day, attendees will choose between three intensive courses: “New Life”, “Disciplined Life”, and “Married Life”, led by Pastor Kim Jay Jung from Atlanta, myself, and my wife, respectively. At night, symposiums will be held to share our experiences with house churches. Pastor Kim Jung Myung, the senior pastor of the host church, is currently the President of the Assemblies of God. Pastor Kim believes that house churches, modeled after New Testament churches, is the only way Christian churches can survive the next century. Incidentally, he will be coming to our church next year to lead our annual revival meeting.

On Thursday, as soon as the conference is over, my wife and I will fly to Seoul, where I will lead a series of revival meetings. Four churches in Seoul who have recently started house churches will co-host these meetings. I will be preaching at a different church every night for four days. This is a new, innovative way to co-sponsor an event and I am looking forward to it. All four churches belong to the same very conservative Presbyterian denomination but have successfully transformed their traditional churches to house churches. They will become models and encouragement for pastors who want to do the same.

During that week, a house church seminar for lay leaders will be being held in Seoul. It will be led by Pastor Lee Jay Chul of the “Open Door Presbyterian Church”. I’ll be leading one of the discussion sessions on Saturday and will preach on Sunday.

On Monday (17th) we’ll head to Ulsan, a southern city, and lead a seminar for pastors with Pastor Cho of “Great Light Church”. Sister Eun-Ju, JDSN Lee’s wife, will also be in Ulsan. When Pastor Cho interned at our church, his wife performed acupuncture on Sister Lee’s ears. As you know, Eun-Ju is losing her sight as a result of a genetic defect. But when she received acupuncture treatment, her eyesight improved temporarily. Pastor Cho’s wife urged me to bring Sister Lee to Korea for more comprehensive treatment, so she will come with us to Ulsan. Please pray for her cure.

After the seminar in Ulsan we will visit Gumi, an industrial city in Kyungsang province, and preach at Gumi Nam Church on Sunday. Pastor Chun is preparing to transform his church from a conventional church structure to house churches. I have a feeling that his will become another model church and I want to help him by visiting his church.

We will leave Korea on Monday (24th) and arrive at Houston that day. Please pray for us: our schedule is very full.

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