KJ Choi Night

Our church will be holding “KJ Choi Night”.

For those who do not know him well let me introduce him briefly. KJ Choi is a professional golfer active on the PGA Tour. It is very hard to even earn the right to play in Tour because you’re competing against the very best players in the world. Choi is the first Korean player to win a tournament on the PGA Tour. In fact, he won two events last year.

He is also a member of our church and a devout Christian. He lives in the Woodlands and never misses a Sunday worship service or Wednesday prayer meeting when he is in town. The purpose of having “KJ Choi Night” is to give him an opportunity to share his faith with Korean-Americans in Houston.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to meet non-believing Korean-Americans in Houston. Our church members often say that when they manage to contact non-believers they find that they’ve already been contacted by other church members. It seems that our members are common friends with many of the same non-believers, but there are still segments of people who are totally isolated from the church. The goal of the event is to reach out to these people who cannot be reached by conventional means.

Although the purpose of the event is evangelism, it will not be a crusade. We just want to give a favorable impression of Christianity to people who attend the event so that when they have troubles, they may seek out help from the church. Brother Choi will talk about his faith but he will mostly talk about his experiences on the Tour. He will be giving group golf lessons as well. There will also be a drawing for autographed golf balls, caps and clubs. Our church will provide some additional entertainment including singing, dancing, and poetry reading.

I will speak for 10 minutes about the gospel but it won’t be a sermon. We’ll have on display sermon tapes, our church magazine, and booklets that introduce our church for people who are interested to pick up.

Church members will be given tickets for the event to give to non-Christian (and only non- Christian) friends. We expect 1,000 people to come. The gym where the event will be held is too small to accommodate that many people, so we will provide closed circuit TV in the main sanctuary. I’d like to ask our members to go to the sanctuary instead
of the gym. I realize that watching an event on a screen is not the same as watching it live. But this event is meant for non-believers. I am sure our members will understand.

Brother Kwang Park is in charge of the event and Brother Jung Sup Jin will produce it. I urge church members to give willing hands when they are asked to help.

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