Our Next Children’s Pastor

Our current Children’s Pastor, Mrs. Seo, is retiring in April 2007. I asked Sister Hye-won Paik, who was married to the late Brother Kwang Hoon Paik, whether she would be interested in getting seminary training and succeeding Mrs. Seo as our children’s pastor. After some thought, she agreed.

She will enroll this fall in the Christian Education program at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. It takes 3 years to earn a Master of Divinity degree; 2 years to earn a Master’s Degree in Christian Education. Until she graduates, our church will pay her 2/3 the full time staff salary, and provide other benefits including tuition and health insurance.

Sister Paik is familiar with higher education. She received a Master’s Degree in English Literature from the University of Utah and has taken many courses in Education at the University of Houston, with the intention of pursuing a PhD in English Language Education.

When I select a staff member I look for three things.

First, I look for a record of accomplishment. If he was an athlete, was he good enough to be a medallist? If he worked in the corporate world, was he indispensable to his company? If he was a small business owner, did his business prosper? If he is a parent, did he raise godly children? People who are successful in one area also become successful in ministry.

Second, I look to see if he gets along well with other people. I have found that without this, people fail in ministry even if they are very gifted and have tremendous zeal. Relationship is everything in ministry.

Third, I look to see if he is faithful. Faithfulness is one of the most important character traits in a minister (1 Cor. 4:2).

Sister Paik is satisfactory in all three areas. She has a record of success, starting SpiderSmart (a tutoring center for elementary students) and making it profitable in a short time. She raised Danny and Noah well. She is loved by her house church members and respected by members of her Cho-won, the group of shepherds her late husband oversaw. She has been faithful in coming to church at 4:30 every morning for years to open the sanctuary so that people can come in and pray.

She also has experience in children’s ministry. She has preached for the children’s worship service, taught children’s Sunday school, and helped make teaching plans. With seminary training and help from Mrs. Seo, she will become an excellent children’s pastor.

With Pastor Paul Lee leading the elementary school department, and Sister Paik in the pre-school department, our children’s ministry will be stronger than ever.

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