Must I Admit It Now?

The 13th House Church Seminar for Pastors came to a good close, thanks to many of your prayers and dedicated services of our church members. It saddens me to think this is the last time we will sponsor Pastors Seminar in the fall. Starting next year, it will be held at Atlanta. We will sponsor a House Church Seminar for Laymen, instead.

With each repeated seminar, the attendees’ sincerity is increasing while the average pastors’ age is decreasing. It shows that the House Church concept is peaking among the younger pastors.

Saturday morning during the seminar, we hold a question and answer session. The pastors attending the seminar are seated in the main floor while the Shepherds are seated on the stage. Pastors ask their questions and Shepherds respond from their experiences. It’s time for the pastors to get coached by lay leaders concerning for the house church. It’s also time for the pastors to find out how what have been taught in the class are actually applied in the actual ministry at Seoul Baptist Church.

It is a very special time for me. Seeing so many of the Shepherds seated on the stage, answering the questions with kindness and clarity fills me with pride. The attending pastors are envious of our church for having so many dedicated leaders.

Last Saturday, during the Q/A session, a pastor asked a question concerning me. One of the Shepherds who responded was Shepherd Moon Ho Jin from the Liberation Singles House Church. I don’t remember the exact details but I remember he finished with the following statement.

“Pastor Chai is like a father to me”

This was a shocking statement because I thought of Brother Moon as a younger brother. But but he thought of me as a father?! When did I turn so OLD?

I also suffered a similar humiliation (?) not long ago at the hand of Pastor Eric. I introduced him to a visitor saying “He is to me like a brother”, to which Pastor Eric replied, “Pastor Chai, please don’t over estimate yourself. I think of you as an uncle!”

I get no respect even from my own co-worker!

I guess, now I must admit the fact that even though I may feel like I’m in the 30’s, to others I’m considered an old person.

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