Must Have Auto Insurance

Several of our church members are suffering due to hit and run accidents. Some cannot get their cars fixed while others are suffering medically due to lack of proper insurance.

We are outraged to hear of such irresponsible hit and run acts but we Christians can also fall into such category of people. When we drive without auto insurance, we become similar people. If our careless driving causes an accident, but not able to compensate the others losses, we are committing the same.

Soon after I received Jesus and full of passion, I thought of driving without auto insurance. I thought that maybe having auto insurance meant that I didn’t have enough faith in God’s protection. But soon I changed my mind. Insurance is a system whereby many people gather money for the mutual aid of members who have accidents. God helped me to realize that not having insurance is a selfish act of rejecting this mutual aid system.

Our family always has auto insurance regardless of our financial difficulties. When we cannot afford a comprehensive policy or even when our car is a worthless clunker, we at least purchase a liability insurance that provides coverage for the others.

Some may say, “Isn’t it enough to drive carefully and not have car accidents?” However there is no guarantee that careful driving will avoid car accidents. We never know when or where the unexpected may happen. It is not an acceptable behavior for God’s people to throw up their hands irresponsibly after the car accident.

I know that many of our church members do not have retirement insurance, basic health insurance, or even auto insurance. Even if you do not have health insurance, you must have liability auto insurance. If you get sick, only you may suffer. At the worst case, you can go to a government assisted County hospital and receive medical treatment. But if you cause an accident without auto insurance, you cause most unthinkable harm to others. We should not behave in such irresponsible manner.

Even if you have to cut your food expenses, I urge you to please buy liability auto insurance.

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