Muslim Terrorists Are Obeying Their Master

It’s been 10 years since 9/11. Many magazines published special issues to commemorate the occasion. As a result, the Islam faith has been a recent topic of discussion. However, I’ve found that many writers have a faulty understanding of Islam. Our staff members studied the Koran together, and based on that, I’d like to share my beliefs concerning the Islamic faith.

Before I start, I want to make it clear that Christians have a duty to love Muslims. We should respect their faith even though we disagree with them. If they are discriminated against in the U.S, we should stand alongside them to defend their rights. Still, respecting them doesn’t mean we should agree with them or overlook misrepresentations of their faith.

Some writers claim that the Koran teaches peace and that true Muslims are peace-loving people. They also claim that Islamic terrorists are extremists who ignore Mohammed’s teachings. I think that this is untrue. Based on what I read in the Koran, it’s actually the terrorists who are faithful to Mohammed’s words.

Mohammed, who founded Islam, was a soldier. The Koran is a collection of messages he allegedly received from the angel Gabriel and his teachings based on those messages. And the Koran includes detailed instructions on how to divide spoils of war. The peace Mohammed advocated was peace among Muslims, peace under Islamic rule. In the Koran, he urges his followers to engage in holy wars until all the peoples on earth confess that Allah is the only God.

The Koran does not clearly say how one is saved, just that if you live a righteous life, you will go to Paradise. However, it does mention one guaranteed way to Paradise: being a martyr in a holy war. That’s why many terrorists are willing to wrap themselves with bombs and die after killing many people.

Some say that Islam is tolerant of other religions. It’s true that the Koran teaches that Moses and Jesus are great prophets. But Islam fundamentalists believe that Jews are not their friends because they aren’t obeying Moses’ teachings and that Christians are their enemies because by claiming that Jesus is the son of God, they deny that Allah is the only God. This is why Christians are persecuted more in countries that are ruled by Islamic fundamentalists than in Muslim countries ruled by moderates.

In reading Christian history, we do find many incidents where Christians resorted to war to conquer other nations or convert other tribes. One notable example is the Crusades. But the difference between those Christians and Muslim terrorists is that the former disobeyed their master whereas the latter are obeying theirs.

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