Evolutionary Theory Contradicts Science

Some scientists get upset when someone expresses doubt or reservations about evolutionary theory. They call them irrational, ignorant people who don’t understand scientific evidence.

Science is a tool for explaining natural phenomena. Scientist try to find rules that govern nature. When they think they’ve discovered such a rule, they presented it as a theory. A theory’s validity is tested either experimentally or by applying it to other cases. If a phenomenon is observed that contradicts it, it must be further refined. If a theory cannot be proven by experiment, it remains merely a theory. But when all related phenomenon can be explained by a theory, it’s considered truth and seen as a natural law. Newton’s laws of gravity and the Einstein’s laws of relativity are accepted as truth because they satisfactorily explain all related phenomenon.

Based on this scientific method, Darwin’s ideas of evolution remain just a theory, not truth or fact. It cannot be tested by experiments and many aspects of it contradict known natural laws.

There are two kinds of evolution: microevolution and macroevolution. Microevolution is evolution within species. It can be considered a fact because we can experimentally observe the characteristics of living things in a species changing in time, adapting to their environments by changing their shapes and characteristics. But macroevolution, the evolution of one species to another, is a theory, because it is neither observed in nature nor provable by scientific experiments. Wolves can become dogs, but dogs cannot turn into cats or elephants.

Darwin came up with his theory of evolution after he visited the Galapagos Islands and found birds and other creatures much different from those found in his native England, each specially adapted to their environment. Although his ideas are scientifically correct when applied to microevolution, his macroevolutionary theory is based on a leap of faith. The idea that amoeba evolved to fish, to frogs, to animals, to primates and finally to human beings is based on the interpretation of fossil remains, not by scientific experiment. And this theory contradicts a natural law.

The Second law of thermodynamics states that entropy, the degree of chaos, increases in natural state. For example, an apple on a plate always decays because of this law. Regression, not evolution, is the rule of nature.

Evolutionists claim that evolution is possible because evolutionary forces overcome the Second law of thermodynamics. But such forces are not observed in physical world. Where do those forces come from? They cannot exist by themselves. They must have a source. I thinks they came from God: God created living things and they have evolved by the law of microevolution. I thinks this to be the most reasonable and rational explaination for the origin of life and its development.

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