KSM / ESM Resolutions

This week we had a guest writer for the corner, which may not be relevant for the English Speaking Congregation. So let me post the agreements made between the ESM and KSM leadership last January, which might be more interesting. – Pastor Chai

Results of the KSM / ESM leadership meeting


We are one church divided by language (English & Korean). The two congregations are designated as the Korean Speaking Ministry (KSM) and English Speaking Ministry (ESM).

Senior Pastor

1. The pastor of the congregation with a larger number of members and the larger budget becomes the senior pastor of entire church.

2. When switching senior pastorship, the size and budget of the overtaking congregation must be larger for at least 2 consecutive years before the switch takes place.

Major Decisions

1. If a major decision must be made that affects both congregations, approval is needed from both congregations

2. On decisions or issues where compromise is not possible, the larger congregation has overriding power except:

(1) Total relocation of the entire church must be approved by both congregations

(2) Neither congregation may ask the other congregation to vacate the premises without agreement from both congregations


1. As the church grows, we may consider the possibility of one church with two campuses.

2. If the church decides to relocate, the ESM and KSM will build together. When building the new facility, the amount that has already been invested by the ESM for the existing facility will be the amount used to build ESM facilities in the
new location.

Hiring a Pastor

1. When the majority congregation is the KSM, the ESM must select a pastor who can preach in Korean. When the majority congregation is the ESM, the KSM must select a pastor who can preach in English.

2. When either congregation seeks to hire a new pastor, 2/3 of the pastoral search committee must come from the seeking congregation and 1/3 from the other congregation. Final approval must come from the senior pastor.

2. New pastors must understand, accept, and agree to comply with all of the above before being hired.

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