“Two goals in Mokjang”

One of the visiting pastors mentioned to me one time that when he visited several Mokjangs at our church, he noticed each Mokja lead Mokjang in slightly different style. He asked if such discrepancies were alright or if church should establish some ground rules for all to follow. I asked what he meant by it because we clearly have Mokjang meeting procedures in place. Apparently, he was confused by his observation because some Mokjangs seemed entertainment oriented with fun and laughter, while others were totally the opposite. So, I told him that would be alright because even if Mokjangs appear different on the outside, inside there are clear set of rules and directions each Mokja’s following.

There are two basic reasons why non-Christians come to Mokjang and open their hearts to believe in God. They experience God’s love and power. Those who are impoverished by continuous battle for survival in this loveless world, open their hearts when they feel the love of God. Also, those who feel the lack of abilities in this competitive world come to believe in God when they feel the power of God and his helping hand. Ultimately, people get to feel the love of God through Mokjang members love and care after coming to Mokjang. They make up their minds to believe in God when their problems get resolved through earnest prayers of the Mokjang members and realize that God lives.

Therefore, since outreaching to non-believers is the most important ministry in Mokjang, our goal should be to furnish those two reasons to them. Meaning, all of the Mokjang members including Mokja should collaborate to ensure that non-believers feel deeply loved and enjoy the answered prayers. Every Mokjang has different cultures and atmosphere in which some are freewheeling, calling each other bro and sis while others are strict and formal. However, since each Mokja developed each culture in order to achieve those goals in most effective way, either way is fine.

‘Living Life Bible Course’ in the end, theorize those two things. Non-Christians open their hearts while taking this bible course because what they have experienced in Mokjang is explained through word of God in class, drawing complete understanding and agreement from them. Opened hearts, then lead them to experience grace in worship, allowing them to come out to the front during service to accept Christ. This is the fundamental principle in which the three axes of house church-Mokjang, Bible Courses, and Sunday Worship complement and interact with each other.

I hope you will look back to all the words spoken and deeds done in your Mokjang and its all-encompassing culture to examine if they are effective in letting the Non-believers to know of those two things and work steadfast to improve your ministry to bear fruit.

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