How I have been doing lately…

There have been some changes in my life since I became a senior pastor and I would like to let you know some of the major ones. At the end of last year, I stepped down from Mokja (Shepard) position of Guruturgi Mokjang (House church), which I had served for 12 years. I handed the Mokjang over to one of the Mokjang member at the time and he must have done a better job than I since it is about double the size after less than a year. I continued my position as a village leader even after I stopped serving as Mokja, but I let the position go as well last July. The new village leader wishes to serve his position well and attends early Morning Prayer every day. I am very happy to see my successors doing well and I wish to do the same for myself.

I have not started rotation visits on Mokjangs yet. Since it would take more than 5 years to visit all of them, I wished to speed up the process as much as possible and came up with an idea to visit 3 Mokjangs at a time starting at the first week of October. My plan is for Mokjas to get themselves into groups of 3 on their own and bring food to share with others to meet at church. This will provide the opportunity to acquaint their Mokjang members with their new senior pastor. Because I already visited all the Singles Mokjangs before I became a senior pastor, I will be able to visit all of the other Mokjangs in a year. Once I get to meet everybody, I will go back and pick up from where Pastor Chai left off.

Because it has been a month since I started 3 hours of early morning prayer from 5 to 8, it has become a routine. I have also begun overnight prayers every Wednesday. Even though I call it an ‘overnight prayer’, it is about 4 and half hours long since I begin my prayer after Wednesday service is over until 1:00 am the following day. During this time I pray for family prayer requests, Mokjas’ prayer requests, and urgent prayer matters. This is the reason why I have chosen to take Thursdays off. However, I have not been able to take this day off as of yet. I was told there would be a huge difference in the work load between senior and associate pastor and, surely enough I have been very busy. Every time I step out of my office to meet someone, there are about 20 e-mails piled up in my inbox when I come back. I have much more work to do in the next few months, and I will be in trouble if I fail to manage my time wisely.

As my wife mentioned briefly at the installation service, we have recently moved into a new home. We were very attached to our old home of 12 years, but it was challenging to host yearly deacon and church staff meetings due to space issues. I had mixed thoughts about moving into a bigger home for a meeting that we host just once a year, but I felt that the inconvenience it caused to others was wrong. Just then, we came across a good home and ended up moving in. The previous home was purchased in a similar way. We wanted to buy a house before I began seminary, and we happened to come across one and bought it that day. My wife is happy about the new home because many church members live in the area and she can get a ride to church for her early morning prayers. It was another chance to experience God who provides and meet our needs in timely manner.

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