New Year’s Eve festival and New Year’s Eve service

The annual New Year’s Eve festival for VIPs and New Year’s Eve worship service are an important part of our church culture. These activities provide a chance for VIPs to come to church for the first time, and the New Year’s Eve worship serves as a good place to resolve any misunderstandings related to worship. Through the New Year’s Eve festival, over 100 VIP annually come to church for the first time and many of them have positive remarks such as ‘I did not know church is such a fun place.

The other side of the New Year’s Eve festival is that it provides a wonderful chance for church members’ hidden gifts and talents to be expressed. As I look back, the great film and media presentations of the church have been developed thanks to the New Year’s Eve festival. Since many people who are committed in the church ministry started their involvement through the New Year’s Eve festival, it is quite clear that this event plays an important role in developing the gifts and talents of church members.

In fact, most of us did not have a chance to develop our childhood dreams or talents. Some wanted to play musical instruments but did not have the opportunity to learn. Some wanted to be an anchorman/woman, reporter or entertainer. When I was in college, many were interested in becoming a TV or movie producer. Whoever had such dreams often had the talent to do so. However, many conditions in life or situations did not work out to develop such talents. For those persons, church is a great place to grow and express your hidden talents and interests and I encourage your enthusiastic participation.

However, one difficulty related to the New Year’s Eve festival is the burden to prepare the event along with the New Year’s Eve service. The production team had to come up with a lengthy program which could hold the interest of an audience until the New Year’s Eve service, and as for VIPs, some had to leave early due to the long program. Also, from a church member’s point of view, it can be difficult to worship in a calm and dedicated manner after the excitement of the festival.

To eliminate these drawbacks, starting this year it was decided to have the Year End festival on Friday before the end of the year as a joint house church meeting. In this case, the Year End festival will be a duration of one hour and 30 minutes, which should be much easier for the producers of the program. The New Year’s Eve service will be on the 31st and the day will be dedicated solely to worship.

The production team’s preparations are in motion already. If there is an opportunity, it would be great to be a part of it and use your God-given talents. Also, please invite many VIPs and help them to experience our fun-filled church life and be sure to invite those who came to the festival to the New Year’s worship service to experience the joy of worship. Since the goal of the New Year’s Eve worship is to organize the end of the year and prepare for the New Year, I believe it should be meaningful to VIPs.

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