Children grow with parent’s prayer

It is the season for college graduation. My daughter graduates from college today. She majored in Human development & Family Science: Early Childhood from UT Austin. When she entered college, I recommended her to attend medical school since it is useful for the work of God, so she majored in Biology. However, she did not have a passion for science so after one semester she changed her major. At that time, she said that she could manage studying but she was not happy. When I heard that, I told her to change her major and later she found one she enjoyed studying. She always loved caring for children so after she earns her professional license she wants to work in a pediatric hospital.

I heard that children grew by parent’s prayer, and I can see that God faithfully answered our prayers. In my case, I did never failed to pray for my daughter in each of my morning prayers and sometimes it surprised me to see how the prayer was answered as she grew.

As she went to college, I prayed a lot for her to find the right church. I prayed that she would find a church she liked and become a good church member whom the pastor liked and meet good spiritual leaders, good church members, and good friends. She found such a church, and her church family was a great support for her when she was going through difficult times. After her freshman year, my main prayer for her was to find the right major and occupation so that she could use her gifts and enjoy it at the same time. My prayers were answered and she has a clear purpose and is pursuing her future.

After junior year, I prayed so that she would experience being a shepherd just like single shepherds in our church and, amazingly, the church she attended which used to have small group system changed by install the house church system so she could experience the life of a shepherd. These days, her house church has increased so that she cooks for 18 members every week. She said that last year was especially difficult since she had such a big group. My wife regretted that she did not have a chance to teach my daughter housework since she was too much occupied by her single house church ministry. However, as my daughter became a shepherd, she learned housework naturally. I also prayed that she would learn love, serving and kindness through the shepherd ministry and this prayer was answered by God.

In addition, when she graduated from high school, I prayed for her appearance and as she become a lady, I prayed she would be easily loved. I believe that all of these prayers were answered to some degree. Of course, I know that this was not because of my prayer only. I am very grateful for all house church family’s prayers for the child of a shepherd and our church members’ prayers for the child of a pastor. All these combined prayers and accumulation of it were much more contributing factor for my daughter than our own prayers, and I am deeply grateful.

My wife and I are in Austin to attend the graduation. We had two days of vacation and left after the meeting of shepherds and the meeting of deacons. Since today was scheduled for Pastor Sam Oh to preach about child education, it worked out great with my absence. (God’s timing. *.*) Until now, I did not have a chance to attend the church my daughter attended, but today I can worship with my daughter in her church and then attend her graduation before we return to Houston on Sunday evening.

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