Life courses start for our middle and high school students

It seems Youth Mokjangs (Youth House churches) are well settled in now. Visiting pastors and parents at our church mentioned to me that they were impressed with the leadership of the youth leaders, the kids sharing frankly, and praying for each other sincerely when they observed the meetings. There were some concerns when it first started but through our hopes and patience, it’s going well. It will take more time for the spirit of laymen ministry to shine forth but I believe that our children are maturing through Mokjang, and developing leadership skills.

Since Mokjang meeting, which is one of the three axes of a house church, is doing somewhat well, it is time to focus on bible studies. For that reason, there will be various bible classes starting for the youth this semester. The programs will run by semesters like the courses in a college. So, the fall classes will run from beginning of September to mid December (It’s starting a bit later than usual since this is the first year…). And spring classes will run from mid January to beginning of May. There are mandatory classes for each grade level and some elective ones. Some mandatory classes are ‘Bible 101’, which covers the main topics in The Bible according to each grade levels, and class ‘Alpha’, which covers the basic Christian living. Also, ‘Christian Faith’, which demonstrates what Christian faith is like will be provided to middle school and high school students as well as ‘Christian Youth’ life courses. This fall semester will begin with mandatory classes first.

The biggest reason youth lose faith once they go to college is their lack in knowledge of the bible. Most of the time, the faith developed in youth is based on feelings and mood. Faith nurtured by the parents and grace experienced in youth retreats are like that and when it gets attacked with knowledge of the world, most of the times it collapses. Therefore, the desire to build strong knowledge in bible for our youth is reflected in starting these bible courses. However, the classes will weave in and teach how to live the life of bible so that what they learn is not just knowledge but also a lifestyle.

The class time is from 10:20 to 11:30, between the first and second services on Sundays due to time constraints of the youth. It might be a bit inconvenient for those who attend 2nd service since they have to come to church early but I cannot allow you to attend 1st service since all the seats are full.

Since these are bible courses, you must register and pay for the classes in person. Please note that today is the last day to register for the bible classes this semester, so make sure to do so. We are not pressuring anyone but if your youth are thinking of joining in ministries at church, going on short-term mission trips, and serving as youth mokja, they must take mandatory classes before they are able to do so.

I have high hopes that through these bible classes, faith will grow and mokjang will stabilize even more.

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