Introducing Missionary Haeyoung Kim

We have invited Missionary Haeyoung Kim as a speaker in this week’s ‘Mission Festival’ event at our church. She is a rising star in Korea right now. She has been featured in many magazines and media ever since she first appeared in one of morning show program of KBS TV in Korea. She is also an author of a recently published book and is getting lots of attentions and is a popular guest in numerous lectures and convocations. The House church (Mokjang) I used to serve as a shepherd has been supporting her ministry for a long time and that is how we could invite such a popular speaker.

When I first met her 12 years ago, she was relatively unknown. It is my testimony that God allowed lots of fruit through my faithful Mokjang ministry and He even raised up our supporting missionary when the time was right.

I believe that Missionary Kim’s sudden fame is God’s guiding hand to open another way in her ministry. She was poorly educated in Korea, barely finishing elementary due to her inadequate family environment and her disability. But when she ended up earning a master’s degree at Columbia University after some time, everyone thought she would not go back to the mission field. But she prayed to God to send her to a place more deprived than Botswana that knows nothing of God and needs her talent. Then God opened a way for her to go to Bhutan that has an almost nonexistent Christian population. God has been using her as a speaker and pouring out financially to her so that she can prepare for her ministry there.

Missionary Kim has taught me two things. First, the power gained after hardship. When she speaks, I feel the power of a little giant coming from her and I feel a grace that is beyond comprehension. This is God’s power that is common among people who have gone through hardships. You will be able to feel this through the upcoming convocation.

Second, be considerate of other’s feelings. Missionary Kim has told me that whenever she hugs or shakes hands with people, they stand tall and hug or shake hands with her as if they reign over her tiny 134 cm body. She said that she can feel their disdain toward her outward appearance, but once in a while she will meet someone who will stoop down to her eye level to hug her.

When I heard that, I felt ashamed because I do not have such a considerate heart. I realized that it is my arrogance that is hiding behind such inconsideration, and I have had a sore heart for days since she has left. I have realized that being considerate subdues arrogance, and I’ve been trying to be considerate ever since.

She gave a short testimony at our church during Wednesday service two years ago, but this time we will hear her testimony for 3 days from 10/5 thru 10/7. Please come with many VIPs and receive abundant grace.

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