Instead of my VIP, create House Church’s VIP

First it is important to create a common list for House church of five VIPs instead of individual list of VIPs. The way to create one is to write down all the names of five persons that each member knows. If there are four members, than the list will be 20 names, and if there are l0 members, then the list will have 50 names. After that, put priority to the persons that need God most in their lives and create a priority list of five persons to create the common House church VIP list.

If a person is very happy with his life that he seems to not need God, that person will be on lower priority list. If everyone on the list seems to not need God, we can still prioritize to create a list of five according to our thoughts. If you don’t have a list of five, you can include someone you do not know much about, even not knowing whether that person is a believer or not.

After creating this list of VIPs, it is very important then for all members of House church to have interest in them and pray for them every time House church members meet and update each other on the progress. For example, you can have a meal together with VIP and include other House church members to create a wider contact point, or if you only know them by face, each House church member can take turns to visit them and to show kindness in trying together.

When praying, all the House church members have to pray about VIPs together with detail about each person. For example, if you only know them by face, pray to obtain a chance to share each other’s name and to become closer; if you have met them a few times, then pray for a chance to have a meal together. This is how House church members should pray together and update each other. This should be done during House church mission challenge time and when you do this, that person is not you individual VIP, but a VIP to allHouse church members.

When you have a common VIP for House church, all members can participate with their heart to serve them and when that VIP comes to House church, all members can show kindness and pay attention to them. I often see these days that when a VIP receives Jesus into their lives, not only Shepherd and his wife is there on that day to congratulate them, but all House church members are there to congratulate the VIP, to take photos together, and even go out to eat together to celebrate. I think this is only possible because they were served not as my VIP but as House church’s VIP. When this happens, I suggest that all members share the cost of the meal to lessen the burden on one individual or to invite them to a house close to the church to share appetizers together. I am thinking of some ideas on this as well.
This effort should not stop when the person accepts Jesus, but to continue where the fruits can be seen where that person has become a child of God. And when all members make this effort together, the House church can continue to grow

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