I Am Lost for Words

There have been many incidents and accidents in the past, but there is not another incident like the recent one that pains our hearts more. Even more than just being pained, many are tormented by the helplessness and feeling of being lost and I am just like them. I have lost sleep at night a number of times because of the feeling that there is something I should do, but there is nothing I can do, and do not know what I should do.

A nation that prides itself of being the best shipbuilding nation in the world should have more than sufficient knowledge about safety of the ships. Yet, how could this nation allow the modification of a ship without any oversight and even more, allow the ship to carry goods weighing more than 3 times the allowed weight? Why did not the evacuation proceed during the 2 hours that the ship was sinking that was probably sufficient time to evacuate everyone? There was still time left to do something, yet how could the captain and some of the crew run away without any word of evacuation to the unsuspecting passengers? My heart was being torn because these things showed the epic decay, uncaring, and irresponsible face of our society, even more so since the victims were innocent young students.

But I think it is clear that the fault lies not only on a particular person, but on the sinfulness that all of us have become comfortable with. This incident revealed all of the sinful characteristics of our uncaring feelings toward breaking the law without any thought, becoming successful by making money without any regards to the ways and means, being selfish by looking out only for myself whatever happens to others. My heart aches even more because all of these sinful characteristics are carried by all of us to different degrees. And I feel that the persons that should repent and ask for forgiveness includes ourselves as well.

I want to ask all of us to remember this incident for a long time. Through this incident, we should all learn to change our attitude; to throw down unlawfulness, and become willing to sacrifice our own lives in front of danger for others. I hope that this results in some changes in Korean society. I pray earnestly that this incident results in fixing the irregularities and correcting the failed systems, so that these sacrificed lives will not be wasted. Probably nothing can comfort the families of the lost; but I pray that God give the families His Grace and Mercy.

If there is one hope we have in this event, it is a fact that God will use the evil to make good, and will write a history of hope among the despairing. God will surely be creating hope even in this darkness. Someone will find hope in Him among this deep despair, and will discover comfort in Our Lord even among this sorrow. He will personally greet those who look for him and will be changing their lives. And in contrast, He will reveal the evil, judge it, and take away its powers. It appears that the ruler of this dark world is the devil, but we take comfort because God is standing behind him.

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