The Mystery of the Human Mind

The human mind is truly a thing of mystery. Just this morning (Thursday), my wife Gina was trying to wake me up (a very difficult thing to do) and upon hearing her say, “Wake Up!” my response to her was, “We need to morph them into a SuperBaby!” She was dumbfounded as you can imagine. She then asked me if I realized what I had just said. To that I replied, “It’s not for me, it’s for the children!” The funny thing is, this is not the first time that I’ve woken up uttering complete nonsense. In fact, it’s almost a regular occurrence these days. What is going on in my mind during the night? I’m so weird!

While controlling our minds while sleeping may be an almost impossible task, doing so during the day is much more manageable. God asks us to love Him with everything we are, including our minds. We must be very careful, then, about what we allow our minds to be filled with. If guys are playing violent, graphic video games all day it is likely that they will be de-sensitized to that type of violence in real life. If young ladies are spending lots of time looking through fashion magazines, they will most likely have a skewed view of what real beauty is. What we fill our minds with has a lot to do with how we see ourselves, others, and most importantly, God.

Especially during the summer, when there is so much time to kill, let’s be careful with what we allow our minds to be filled with. Try not to waste long periods of time stuck in front of the tube. Stay away from websites that you know are not good for you. Read a good book. Learn a new hobby. Play sports. Whatever it is, protect your mind!

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