A Great Way to Spend a Week

The Inner City team came back this past Friday after a wonderful week of ministry right outside of downtown Houston. Although we were not too far away, it felt as if we were in our own Inner City world for those five days. We ate together, slept on the same gym floor, and served as a team. In fact, as of Friday, we had seen each other for twelve straight days, including our intensive training week prior to going. That might be too much for some, but for us it was nothing but a blast.

This year, we had a problem that we never had before. We actually had less students sign up than our limit, which is the exact opposite of what usually happens. At first, I was a little disappointed in the small number but as time went by, I realized how much of a blessing it was. After coming back, I am convinced that we had the perfect number of students for the job that needed to be done this year. Not only did we have the right number of students, we had the right students for this year’s trip. I got to see new friendships blossom and old friendships get a little stronger. I also saw spiritual growth and maturity during these two past weeks, which was even more rewarding.

As I mentioned to the other adult leaders (Gina, Chloe, David and Ted), it would be ideal if we could take the exact same students as we had this year on next year’s trip. But I realized that if we did that, some of you would miss out on one of the best ways to spend a week of your summer. Next time around, I have a feeling we’ll keep the group size as small as this year’s team. So, if you have not had the chance to experience the joy of being a part of the Inner City team yet, I encourage you to do so next summer! Go Gano! Go Fletcher! Praise God!!!

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