Idle Hands

Finally! After another long school year, summer has finally arrived! FREEDOM! Believe me, I know you how you feel. Remember, I just finished a long school year myself. Now that summer is here, a lot of you have a whole bunch of extra time on your hands. If you’re lucky enough, your family will be using the summer months to vacation and do all kinds of fun stuff together. But a lot of you simply have a lot more time on your hands with not that much to do. That can be a dangerous thing – a VERY dangerous thing.

The Bible teaches us that idle hands can wreck our lives. (Ecclesiastes 10:18) That’s because when we sit around with nothing to do, we can easily be tempted to get into some bad habits. After all, if we’re being constantly bombarded by our sinful thoughts and the world around us during the school year, you know it’s going to be worse during the summer. So, what can we do it about it?

Well, for starters, try to get out of the house as much as possible. Take a walk, play some sports, help your parents at work, meet up with your friends – but whatever you do, don’t sit around at home all day by yourself. I know of one way that you can definitely keep busy with good stuff: Volunteer! Jane Chun, who just graduated from high school, has partnered with the Mission of Yahweh (which is right down the street from church) to give us all opportunities to volunteer for their summer kids program. You can email her at to get the details.

I can’t think of a better way to spend your time this summer!

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