A Bittersweet Day

Seniors, today is the last day that you will be joining us for youth worship services. In previous years, you would have stayed with the youth group even after your high school graduations, but I’ve decided that it’s more important for you all to move on and join the adult congregation as soon as possible. After all, once you’ve graduated from high school, you are no longer considered youth anymore! That makes today a truly bittersweet day for me.

The bitter part first. Having just started a year ago, and being a full-time student myself, I didn’t have a chance to get to know all of you seniors as well as I wanted to. I wish I had another year with you all just to get to know each of you better. Nevertheless, it’s difficult to see you guys leaving our youth group because while there will always be a graduating senior class every year, you are each irreplaceable. You helped provide the backbone of our student ministries. You encouraged me by your commitment. You made me laugh and you definitely made me cry! And you are the first class I have to say bye to.

Now, the sweet part. I am so excited to see where God will be taking each one of you! I am especially glad that you will be able to join the NLF college ministry right away, getting to know new people and having opportunities to serve. I am thrilled to see how God will be using you as you venture out into your college campuses. My prayer for you all is that you will shine the light of Christ wherever you go and make Him famous. I am proud of you all and I am honored that I was able to be your pastor, if only for one year.

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