My Two Small Eyes

I never thought that my eyes were small for being an Asian man. In fact, I was convinced that they were average or a little above average. However, throughout this year, especially as I was getting my eyes treated by my cataract surgeon, I have come to accept that my eyes are indeed small. When I go to his office and sit in front of his apparatus, he tells me to open my eyes. So I do my best to open them as much as I can. But then, he often uses his fingers to open my eyelids even more so he can see inside my eye! I never laughed out loud in his office but I can’t help but to laugh whenever I think about this.  I must have small eyes based on what my cataract surgeon does to me. Truth about ourselves often gets communicated to us through those that we spend much time with.

This past Wednesday, I underwent surgery to have an artificial lens put in my left eye. I was expecting my vision to be good after a day or so. But it is not clear or focused as of yet. The doctor told me that I am not a typical case due to the huge retinal detachment I had in that eye and it will most likely take weeks for my brain and eye to adjust to the new lens in order for me to see more clearly.

I do see things but they look wavy and curvy. I still can’t read through my left eye. But it is much better than before when I had bad cataracts or my lens taken out. It’s been seven months since I couldn’t see much through that eye. So I am very grateful for what I am able to see right now even though the images are not clear or focused.

New Life, thank you for all the prayers that you offered up to our heavenly Father. Please continue to pray for my left eye to be able to see things clearly in the next week or so. I have another surgery called a vitrectomy scheduled for my right eye on December 3. Please pray that the surgery will go well.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the retreat this Friday, hearing and learning from God’s word as we eat some good food and fellowship with one another. And those of you who can’t come for the whole thing, please do your best to come at least for one day either on Saturday or Sunday. It will cost you $25 which includes one meal. I really don’t want you to miss out on God’s blessing and grace that will be poured out on His children during this year’s retreat.

Your pastor,


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