Amazing Students at Living Life Bible Study

My Living Life Bible Study (LLBS) students this semester are all amazing. I have 20 students in the class which I think is the most ideal size. Seven of them are undergrad students, six are medical school students, one is a doctor and six are working professionals.

After a long day at school or work, they show up to the class on Monday evening to learn more about God by studying His Word. Their motives and intentions for taking the class are varied. Some are taking the class because they are pressured by their shepherds to take it. Others are taking the class because it is one of the requirements for getting involved in certain ministries at our church. However, all of them do sincerely want to learn and understand God’s word more so they can be better equipped to serve God.

When I look at their faces during class, I at times realize that some of them are either tired or sick. But they are still there looking at me and listening to the words I share with them. And I get tremendously blessed, challenged and convicted by their heart and attitude.

I remember the times when I was studying in college and graduate school. Whether you believe it or not, I took my study very seriously. Since I was a humanities major, I had to read a lot and reading was not easy for me because I came to the States when I was thirteen years old. It still isn’t easy. Therefore, I had to spend a lot of time in the library just to read textbooks and catch up with my work. I rarely fooled around other than on Friday nights after a long week of studying. And I didn’t take God or church seriously during the second half of my college years because I was drifting away from God due to the things that I was studying in my humanities classes.

However, New Life members seem very different. In the midst of their busy schedule at work or school, they still come out to Monday evening Bible studies, house church on Friday nights, Sunday corporate worship services, Six Day Early Morning Prayer, retreats, flag football tourneys and so much more. And somehow they are doing well in their school and work. It is either because they are smarter than me or because God is helping them as they are seeking first His kingdom and His righteousness. I think the latter is true.

That’s why I get very blessed by my students each time I teach LLBS. And how can I not get challenged to do better and work harder when I have students who are so committed to do what God is pleased with?

Your pastor,


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