Important NLK Announcement

Parents and NLK Volunteers,

Important changes for orange, yellow and green room parents and NLK volunteers starting September 6th, 2015.

The format of the Preschool Sunday program will change this year. Below are the details of the changes.

  1. After arrival activity, all of the Preschool students will gather for large group worship in the orange and yellow room (the divider will be open to accommodate all preschool students).
  2. Preschool students will start with welcome time, praise time, message time, then offering time, and end with prayer time.
  3. Once the large group worship time is over, students will go back to their rooms (orange, yellow, green) for snack time, activity time (crafts or games), and free time. Then they will be pick up by their parents in their rooms.
  4. Once the students are in their age appropriate rooms, parents or NLK volunteers will facilitate the activities/craft time, snack time, free time. There will not be a main teacher for each of the rooms during this time. The teacher that gave the message during large group time, will prepare and distribute the activities for each of the rooms.

Thank you.

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