Joseph Sent to Egypt

Dear Parents,

Thank you for choosing to use the Gospel Project for Kids. Jacob grew up in strife with his twin brother, Esau. He spent many years away from his family to avoid Esau’s anger. God spoke to Jacob in a dream and reaffirmed to Jacob the promise He gave to Abraham and Isaac. Finally, God called Jacob home to the land of Canaan. God blessed Jacob and changed his name to Israel.

Jacob had 12 sons. They would become the leaders of the tribes of Israel. But Jacob’s favorite son was Joseph. Joseph was the son of Rachel, Jacob’s favorite wife, and Jacob didn’t hide his favoritism. He gave Joseph a gift that his other sons did not get: a beautiful coat of many colors.

Of course, this did not endear Joseph to his siblings. Neither did Joseph’s announcement that God had spoken to him in dreams—dreams that revealed that one day everyone in Joseph’s family would bow down to him. Joseph’s brothers planned evil against him, and Joseph ended up in Egypt.

Maybe Joseph felt alone in Egypt. Had God forgotten Joseph? No. Joseph’s brothers turned against him and tried to kill him, but God protected Joseph and used him as part of His plan to rescue his family. In a similar way, people turned against God’s Son, Jesus. Jesus’ death was God’s plan to rescue sinners.

Jesus experienced true loneliness and ultimate suffering as He died on the cross for our sins. God raised Jesus from the dead. When we trust in Him, God forgives our sin. Emphasize with your children that we won’t experience true loneliness because Jesus promised to always be with us. (Matt. 28:20) And compared to the weight of glory awaiting believers, our suffering on earth is a “momentary light affliction” (2 Cor. 4:17).

As you talk about this story with your kids, remind them that God is in control of our lives, and He accomplishes His plans in and through us—even as He works through the suffering and injustice we sometimes experience. We can trust God’s faithfulness. Through all circumstances, God’s will prevails—all for His glory and our good.

●     Babies and Toddlers

  • God can do anything.
  • Joseph’s brothers sent him away to Egypt.
  • God had a plan for Joseph in Egypt.
  • God had a plan to send Jesus.

●     Preschool

  • Is there anything God cannot do? No, God can do all things.
  • Joseph’s brothers sent him to Egypt.

●     Kids

  • Is there anything God cannot do? God can do all things according to His character.
  • Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery.

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