When God Comes To Us

God seeks us.  Whenever men encounter God, it is always because God seeks him and not the other way around.  That is why bible says God held out his hands to people all day long.  (Isaiah 65:2)

The first reason that God seeks us is because of His love for us.  People often think that salvation is something that we need to earn.   Therefore, manmade religion claims that to receive salvation, we need to have an enlightening experience, accumulate enough suffering to achieve good or do something to win it.  That is not true.  God’s desire to save us is much greater than our desire to be saved.

The second reason that God seeks us is because we do not seek Him on our own.  (Romans 3:11)  Since people are proud by nature, we insist that we can handle things on our own and do not seek God or feel a need for Him.  Therefore, from the beginning, men deserted God.  Our tendency to be independent of God is called sin in the Bible.  Since we are sinners and do not know that we need God, that is why God calls us.

One way which He uses to call us is to have hunger in our heart.  We could have a sudden feeling of loneliness or emptiness and lose interest in things we normally enjoy.  All these could be ways that God is calling you.  After a prolonged anxiety and burden of heavy responsibilities, you may feel that you want to put them down and have some rest.  This could be a sign that God is calling you.  You could be someone who used to be confident in all your affairs, then suddenly you realize that there isn’t anything you can do.  That also is a time of God’s drawing near you.

If you feel that God is calling you, you need to respond.  Simply acknowledge that you are tired and weary.  Also, agree with God that there is not anything that you can do and turn to rely on Him.  That is the first step of an encounter with God.

In 1993, I experienced a crisis in my life.  I used to live with confidence but upon the crisis, I decided to rely on God and seek him to help me to solve the problem I had.  There was nothing I could do so I started going for Morning Prayer and read Bible.  There I met God.  I could see that God waited for me for a long time and realized that He had been knocking on my heart for a while.

If I have a problem, that means that God is calling me.  Rely on God and seek His help.  Come to a place of prayer and seek God.  Once you meet God, nothing matters any more since all our problems are a tool for God calling for our attention.  It is my sincere desire that none of us will waste God’s searching for us.

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