What is Your Ministry?

The current MINISTRY EXHIBIT has many purposes.  First, it is to introduce church ministry work to newcomers.  During this time, the church ministry department will set up a booth to introduce their work and provide opportunities to be involved.  Another reason is to do the ministry work on yearly basis.  Ministry work is not something to start and end at one’s whim.  Once you make a commitment, you needs to work on it diligently for a year and after a year, you will be given a chance to make another year’s commitment.

God grants us many talents.  When we receive Christ, the Holy Spirit gives us a special spiritual gift which fits us perfectly.  We utilize those talents to build house churches and form the church according to His purpose.  It works just like putting a puzzle together.  Each puzzle piece needs to be in its right place to complete the picture.  House church and church form a community by members and their talents.  On the other hand, if we do not participate, it would be just like an unfinished picture with some pieces of puzzles missing.

Since spiritual talent is not for individuals but for the benefit of community, this talent is just like a hidden potential unless it is used in actual ministry work.  When it is used in ministry work, the potential is uncovered, developed and fostered.  Therefore, the Bible encourages us to develop our talents through ministry work.

Today is the final day of the ministry exhibit.  Therefore, I encourage every one of you to tour the each ministry booth and read posters and examine your mind with prayer to see whether God gives you the special tugging for his purpose.  Once the ministry area is decided, you need to be committed to it for one year.  After a year, you need to review your ministry work.  If you think the current area is not the right one, you need to look for the right one as God leads you.

However, it is not easy for a newcomer to look for and decide a ministry area for himself.  Therefore, a shepherd who is knowledgeable in ministry work and is familiar with the gifts of each members should help them to be connected to the right areas of ministry.

One of the common problems of today’s churches is that only a handful of dedicated church members do the majority of the ministry work and the remaining church members become onlookers.  Thankfully, in our church, most house church members are responsible to one area of house church ministry.  Nevertheless, heavy duty ministry work is centered on shepherds and they tend to be burdened by several ministry duties on top of their pasturing ministry work.

This is not a healthy picture.  At this time, I strongly encourage all non-shepherds to decide on one area of ministry and make a commitment.  That way, all church members will be involved in one ministry at house church and another in church.  That way members can develop their God-given talents and the church will stay healthy.

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