The Reason for Our Passion

The pastor’s seminar which started Tuesday will end today. This time, there were 102 attendees for Korean seminars and 20 for English seminars. For Korean seminar participants, 65 came from north America, 23 came from Korea, and many more came from 13 countries in South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. It is not easy for pastors to find time in the middle of their busy schedule to attend this seminar. So I am very grateful to pastors and missionaries who came. It is my sincere desire that they gained a clear picture for the new testament church.

We had several African American pastors for English seminar this time. Previously, American pastors who came were either involved in Korean church or missionaries from English speaking countries. Therefore, this is the first time for pastors from American churches to attend. I pray that this will be a chance to set up a model American church which can be used for active expansion of the house church system.

As always, many volunteers came to work hard in every corner of the church. Some cared for flower beds, some decorated tables and many areas, many worked in the kitchen. Some new comers still came with shepherd’s wives to be involved. Some house churches were there with all their members. Some took a day off from work and stayed at church all day to ensure the smooth operation of the seminar. Some cleaned and repaired their homes to welcome guests. To all shepherds and their spouses who provided rides to seminar participants every day, I thank you.

It was beautiful to see many generations working together as seniors who belong to day time house church group were there to help and on Saturday many young men and women came to assist. Some who turned over kitchen work to others after many years of service still came to render whatever contribution they can provide. This time more than any other time, I noticed that the English congregation was involved in preparation. Many singles came early morning to make breakfast. Especially, Saturday morning breakfast was solely provided by NLF.

Their main topic of conversation was the changes in pastors. Some expressed disappointment that the visitors were not interested in house church or negative toward it, but then they were so happy and excited as they saw changes in the pastor’s attitude. Some were grateful because they could tell that the guests are enjoying the seminar from the look on their faces. From these reactions, we can see that these volunteers are not there simply to provide help, but because of their special love and affection toward the house church ministry.

That is because they have experienced happiness through the house church ministry. In this place, they solved misunderstandings toward God and church, met the Lord, and experienced changes in their lives and their homes. Through a not perfect, but biblical church, pastor and church members, they tasted joy. That is the reason for their passion to see and to help to ensure that the visiting pastors will set up such churches where ever they are.

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