Logic to support homosexuality

Related to the last week’s column, this time, I want to consider some claims of the supporters of same-sex marriage.  They often say that homosexuality should be accepted since it is how one is born.  However, the logic is flawed.  It seems that we all born with a certain specific weakness.  Some are weak to drugs, some have weakness towards gambling, some are very susceptible to sexual temptation and easily fall into sexual sins.  It is hard to believe, but some find pleasure in destroying lives.

It is difficult to know whether such tendency is hereditary or acquired.  For example, when father has gambling habit, it is often observed that his child has a similar kind of struggle.  It could be that the child learned it from what he observed or he had it in his blood.  It is hard to say.  However, all these are from sinful natures and we have to learn to control it rather than accepting it as a natural tendency because if we do, what will become of this society?

Some people challenge why we would not accept homosexuality when we do not follow other commands in the bible very much any way.  In Leviticus chapter 11, Lord spoke to Moses that unclean things such as hare, swine lobsters and raw meat should not be eaten.  Leviticus chapter 20 says anyone who curses their father or mother or who commits adultery, or who turns to mediums is to be put to death.  They question whether these rules are followed, and when we all know that they are not, why we keep on arguing against this issue, they ask.

One thing they do not know is that there are ritual laws and moral laws.  Ritual law was related to the procedure of cleansing rituals or the rules related to offering sacrifices.  These laws were to prepare for the coming of Christ, and when Jesus fulfilled the prophecy, this law was nullified.   However, the spirit of moral law is still valid.  Therefore, people who committed the sins in Leviticus chapter 20 will not receive capital punishment, but nevertheless, it is still considered as sins.  Likewise, we regard that homosexuality is and should be identified as sin.

These days, some supporters of homosexuality claim that people did not have love based homosexuality during the bible time.  In other words, the bible prohibits sexual exploitation such as using male children as prostitutes which was a common practice of Roman nobility during that time, but this does not include the love based homosexuality of current days.  Leviticus 20:13 states a sexual relationship between man and man which is the same as modern day homosexuality and it is spelled out as sin.  Also, such a relationship is often depicted in paintings or books of bible times, so it is not true that love based homosexuality did not exist in those days.

Some claim that Christians used to support slavery based on the bible and now we are repeating the same mistake in this issue.  The supporters of slavery in the 19th century based on the bible or supporters of anti-Semitism in the 20th century based on the bible are extremely few and they were rather a political group than a Christian group.  Most Christians were in total opposition and never agreed with this view.  Homosexuality has never been accepted morally or biblically, either inside the church or outside church until it was legalized by political means.

Regardless of social acceptance, Christians should not abandon the biblical teaching or make a compromise.  Such a position of concession cannot be regarded as a genuine Christian love.

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